Berenice.gif PNJ Berenice
Ubicación: In the eastern part of Liberty Bay, North East from the Depot. here
Ocupación: Local Representative of the Explorer Society
Notas: Berenice will ask you to take an expedition to Calassa if you have the Relic Hunter rank of the Tibian Explorer Society. She thinks that Liberty Bay for an outpost it is quite well organised and comfortable. Says that Thais is a great city, but not such a centre of learning and knowledge like Edron. To her Venore is a centre of commerce. It has only little to offer to their efforts to explore and to gain further knowledge, sometimes though, the generous tradesmen sponsor some of the explorer's missions and now and then they can sell some of their knowledge or recovered artefacts to them.
Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Orichalcum Pearl 80 gp

Atlas 150 gp (Requires Relic Hunter rank of the Explorer Society)

First verse of the hymn 100 gp
Second verse of the hymn 250 gp
Third verse of the hymn 400 gp

Fourth verse of the hymn 800 gp
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