This Object is in the Constructions class.
Object Class: Constructions
Attributes: Allows sleeping
Walking Time: Cross.jpg
Location: In Buildings
Notes: Beds, cots, straw mats and hammocks are most likely to be found in houses or guildhalls, although they can also be found in the wilderness.

When you have a premium account, you can sleep in beds, cots, straw mats and hammocks that are located inside a house or guildhall, by simply "using" the bed. Doing that, your character will be logged off. If you have eaten something before going asleep, your character will regain hp/mp while offline. Also, your character will regain Soul Points no matter if you have eaten or not.

Note: not all houses have beds on them. Before renting one, make sure you check if that house has any beds.

If you are a free account player, you can still have access to house/guildhall beds by being invited in the respective house, but you cannot sleep on them.

Also beds you see in the "field" can not be used to sleep on.

Since Winter Update 2007 you can change the colour of your bed in blue, red, green and yellow, if you buy a modification kit for your bed in a furniture shop.

Beds: Red Bed.gifGreen Bed.gif Yellow Bed.gif Blue Bed.gif Sleeping.gif
Cot: Cot.gif
Straw Mat: Straw Mat.gif

Hammock: Hammock.gif
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