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Baxter.gif PNJ Baxter
Ubicación: On the Rain Castle bridge in northwest Thais on Royal Avenue, here.
Ocupación: Guard
Notas: Baxter is a member of the king's army. He guards the castle, and is responsible for fighting the rat plague in the sewers. In his youth, he was an adventurer and explorer alongside Gorn, searching for Excalibug.
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Artículos comercializados: Vende: Bricklayers' Kits 100 gp Compra:

Fresh Dead Rat 1 gp
Broken Helmet 20 gp
Broken Shamanic Staff 35 gp
Orc Leather 30 gp
Orc Tooth 150 gp
Orcish Gear 85 gp
Shamanic Hood 45 gp

Skull Belt 80 gp
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