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Bashira.gif PNJ Bashira
Ubicación: Ab'Dendriel, one level down north of the depot
Ocupación: Shopkeeper
Notas: Buys and sells equipment (bags and backpacks are green). Located underneath the depot, to the northwest.
Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Fishing rod 150 gp,
Green Backpack 20 gp,
Green Bag 4 gp,
Pick 50 gp,
Plate 6 gp,
Rope 50 gp,
Scroll 5 gp,
Scythe 50 gp,
Shovel 50 gp,
Watch 20 gp.
Candelabrum 8 gp,
Oil 20 gp,
Torch 2 gp.
Other stuff:
Bottle 3 gp,
Bucket 4 gp,
Cup 2 gp,
Document 12 gp,
Parchment 8 gp,
Present 10 gp,
Waterskin of Water 10 gp,

Worm 1 gp.

Rope 8 gp,

Vial 5 gp.
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