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Axe Fighting is the skill of fighting with an axe weapon.

The Tibian with the highest Axe skill is Knight Sunblade from Pacera with 116.


Like the other Melee skills, Axe Fighting advances more quickly for Knights than any other vocation.

Paladins will only ever use melee skills as a back-up in case they run out of Ammunition for their Distance Weapons.

Druids and Sorcerers will also use melee skills as a back-up in case they run out of Runes or Mana. They also use melee skills when hunting casually while they are making runes or collecting food. Instead of Axe fighting, mages will usually choose Sword Fighting or Club Fighting since those weapons will usually weight less than Axe Weapons.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Axe Fighting is the most aggressive of all of the melee skills.

The primary benefit of axe fighting is that most Axe Weapons have strong attack values.

The greatest drawback to axe fighting is that Axe Weapons have low defense values. This, however, is typically irrelevant, since the defense value of a weapon is negated when using a shield. Two-handed Axes, while strong on offense, typically leave the average Knight very vulnerable.

Items with axe fighting bonus

Several items provide bonus to axe fighting skill. Those items are:

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