USA Astera
Type: Optional PvP
Online Since: January 25, 2005
Location: USA
Server Save: 11:00 CET

Top players by skill area:
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Following the trend that most game worlds end in -a, the name Astera most likely comes from the biologic word Aster, which defines a genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae. The name Aster comes from the Ancient Greek word astron, meaning "star", arriving through the Latin word astrum with the same meaning. The name may also come from Latin "austeru" which means "austere".

Additional Info

  • First server to break 1000 players online limit when the limit was at 900. Because back in 2003 Antica reached above 1000 players but after the hack on Tibia in 2003 all those statistics were deleted.
    (The maximum on this game world was 1015 players on Mar 04 2006, 20:15:31 CET.)


Special ranks from famous Asterans:

  • The Curse:
  • Dray Mack was once the top on Astera then got banned and deleted.
  • Arsten was once the top on Astera then got hacked and killed from lvl 186 to lvl 69.
  • Tripida was once the top on Astera then got hacked and killed from lvl 314 to lvl 276.

Rare Items


  • Items are dropping in price rapidly
  • The "Help the Newbie Fund" gives items to Newcomers
  • Forums very active. However, they are usually negative, insulting, flaming, and replied to in a trolling way by the same negative group of people. Very few positive forum posts can ever be found.


  • House prices are rising
  • The majority of persons are not English speakers.
  • Many scammers, botters, and power abusers.
  • Forums are usually filled with abusive, negative threads and replies. Any attempt at positive threads usually have a negative end result with the constant forum trolls whom continue to thrive by berating others without consequence.
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