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Techical Information

Your armor is the equipment that is equipped in the center-slot of a character's inventory, his torso. These are often the equipment that will provide you a high defense (Armor Value) while compared to the other kinds of equipment, but will probably be the heaviest piece of your set.

However, they are expensive, and you might spend much more money on your armor than on any other equipment piece.

Today, you have 60 armors available in game. The strongest Armor is the Magic Plate Armor (called also MPA), and the strongest available armor which is still obtainable in Rookgaard is the Chain Armor.

Name Arm Weight Attributes Resist Required Level Required Vocation Dropped By
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Red Tunic Red Tunic.gif 2 ? None
Leopard Armor Leopard Armor.gif 9 95.00 Assassin
Simple Dress Simple Dress.gif 0 24.00 Banshee, Zombie.
Pirate Shirt Pirate Shirt.gif 3 20.00 Pirate Buccaneer.
White Dress White Dress.gif 0 24.00 None.
Magma Coat Magma Coat.gif 11 22.50 fire +8%, ice -8% 50 sorcerers and druids Diabolic Imp, Fire Overlord, Hellfire Fighter, Morgaroth.
Terra Mantle Terra Mantle.gif 11 22.50 earth +8%, fire -8% 50 sorcerers and druids Banshee, Blightwalker, Earth Overlord, The Evil Eye, Medusa, Esmeralda.
Ethno Coat Ethno Coat.gif 7 25.50 magic level +1 sorcerers and druids None.
Spirit Cloak Spirit Cloak.gif 8 26.50 magic level +1 sorcerers and druids Hellgorak, Nightstalker, Sea Serpent.
Voltage Armor Voltage Armor.gif 13 84.50 energy +3%, earth -3% 60 knights and paladins Energy Overlord, Hellgorak.
Belted Cape Belted Cape.gif 10 35.00 paladins Bog Raider, Gladiator, Undead Gladiator.
Tunic Tunic.gif 0 15.00 None.
Girl's Dress Girl's Dress.gif 0 13.00 None.
Hibiscus Dress Hibiscus Dress.gif 0 19.00 Wyrm, Bog Raider, Boreth, Vampire Bride.
Summer Dress Summer Dress.gif 0 10.00 None.
Robe of the Ice Queen Robe of the Ice Queen.gif 12 29.50 ice +12%, energy -12% 75 druids Ghazbaran.
Frozen Plate Frozen Plate.gif 13 75.00 ice +7%, energy -7% 75 paladins Ghazbaran, Leviathan.
Jacket Jacket.gif 1 24.00 Munster.
Chain Armor Chain Armor.gif 6 100.00 Barbarian Bloodwalker, Blood Crab, Diabolic Imp, Dwarf Soldier, General Murius, Lizard Sentinel, Minotaur, Minotaur Guard, Orc Berserker, Orc Shaman, Orc Warrior, Pirate Marauder, Quara Mantassin Scout, Valkyrie.
Cape Cape.gif 1 32.00 Enlightened of the Cult, Ghost, Hand of Cursed Fate, Lizard Snakecharmer, Quara Mantassin, Quara Mantassin Scout, Witch.
Coat Coat.gif 1 27.00 Witch, Frost Troll.
Dark Armor Dark Armor.gif 10 120.00 Behemoth, Black Knight, Destroyer, Gargoyle, Pirate Corsair, Young Sea Serpent.
Doublet Doublet.gif 2 25.00 None.
Green Tunic Green Tunic.gif 1 9.30 Acolyte of the Cult, Dharalion, Elf Arcanist, Fernfang, Hero, Orc Leader.
Noble Armor Noble Armor.gif 11 120.00 None.
Red Robe Red Robe.gif 1 26.00 Adept of the Cult, Banshee, Pirate Ghost.
Scale Armor Scale Armor.gif 9 105.00 Barbarian Headsplitter, Dwarf Guard, General Murius, Ghoul, Grorlam, Lizard Sentinel, Lost Soul, Minotaur Archer, Orc Rider, Pirate Cutthroat, Quara Predator Scout, Undead Prospector.
Native Armor Native Armor.gif 7 ? None.
Witchhunter's Coat Witchhunter's Coat.gif 11 25.00 death +2%, holy -2% 50 None.
Molten Plate Molten Plate.gif 13 75.00 fire +7%, ice -7% 75 paladins Morgaroth.
Earthborn Titan Armor Earthborn Titan Armor.gif 15 120.00 axe fighting +2 earth +5%, fire -5% 100 knights Lord of the Elements, Zulazza the Corruptor, Stonecracker
Lightning Robe Lightning Robe.gif 11 22.50 energy +8%, earth -8% 50 sorcerers and druids Warlock, Zarabustor
Velvet Mantle Velvet Mantle.gif 12 28.50 energy +12%, earth -12% 75 sorcerers Ferumbras.
Flower Dress Flower Dress.gif 0 19.00 Dryad
The Rain Coat The Rain Coat.gif 1 32.00 Mephiles.
Dark Lord's Cape Dark Lord's Cape.gif 11 29.00 death +8%, holy -8% 65 sorcerers Morgaroth
Wood Cape Wood Cape.gif 2 11.00 unknown
Elven Mail Elven Mail.gif 9 90 None.
Spellweaver's Robe Spellweaver's Robe.gif 11 23.50 energy +10%, earth -10% 60 sorcerers and druids Ghastly Dragon, Draken Spellweaver
Old Cape Old Cape.gif 1 35.00
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Ranger's Cloak Ranger's Cloak.gif 7 48.00 paladins None.
Mammoth Fur Cape Mammoth Fur Cape.gif 10 20.00 Barbarian Brutetamer, Man in the Cave, The Bloodtusk, Barbaria
Magician's Robe Magician's Robe.gif 6 25.00 sorcerers and druids None.
Studded Armor Studded Armor.gif 5 71.00 Dwarf, Elf, Orc, Primitive.
Brass Armor Brass Armor.gif 8 80.00 Bandit, General Murius, Hunter, Minotaur Archer, Minotaur Guard, Minotaur Mage, Nomad, Quara Constrictor, The Horned Fox, Toad, Undead Gladiator, Wild Warrior.
Leather Armor Leather Armor.gif 4 60.00 Dworc Fleshhunter, Dworc Venomsniper, Dworc Voodoomaster, Goblin.
Plate Armor Plate Armor.gif 10 120.00 Ancient Scarab, Behemoth, Black Knight, Bonebeast, Brutus Bloodbeard, Crystal Spider, Defiler, Destroyer, Dreadbeast, Giant Spider, Kongra, Lizard Templar, Lost Soul, Massive Earth Elemental, Old Widow, Orc Leader, Orc Warlord, Warlord Ruzad, Pirate Buccaneer, Ron the Ripper, Undead Gladiator, Valkyrie, ¨The Snapper.
Yalahari Armor Yalahari Armor.gif 16 70.00 death +3% 80 knights None.
Dwarven Armor Dwarven Armor.gif 10 130.00 physical +5% None.
Focus Cape Focus Cape.gif 9 21.00 magic level +1 sorcerers and druids Captain Jones, Lizard Dragon Priest, Nightmare Scion, Wyrm, Sea Serpent, Draken Spellweaver, Hellgorak.
Zaoan Robe Zaoan Robe.gif 11 24.50 fire +10%, ice -10% 60 sorcerers and druids Lizard Dragon Priest, Draken Spellweaver.
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Golden Armor Golden Armor.gif 14 80.00 knights and paladins Ferumbras, Juggernaut, Massacre, Undead Dragon, Warlock, Zarabustor.
Royal Scale Robe Royal Scale Robe.gif 12 45.00 magic level +2 fire +5% 100 sorcerers and druids None.
Robe of the Underworld Robe of the Underworld.gif 12 31.00 death +12%, holy -12% 100 sorcerers Orshabaal
Swamplair Armor Swamplair Armor.gif 13 84.50 earth +3%, fire -3% 60 knights and paladins Earth Overlord, Serpent Spawn, Chizzoron the Distorter
Blue Robe Blue Robe.gif 11 22.00 Banshee, Countess Sorrow, Enlightened of the Cult, Gravelord Oshuran, Lich, Quara Mantassin, Vashresamun, Warlock.
Royal Draken Mail Royal Draken Mail.gif 16 130.00 shielding +3 physical +5% 100 knights None.
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Knight Armor Knight Armor.gif 12 120.00 knights and paladins Black Knight, Brutus Bloodbeard, Crystal Spider, Giant Spider, Hydra, Lethal Lissy, Old Widow, Quara Hydromancer, Quara Hydromancer Scout, Ron the Ripper, Undead Dragon, The Snapper, Esmeralda.
Heavy Metal T-Shirt Heavy Metal T-Shirt.gif 6 8.00 Boogey.
Ball Gown Ball Gown.gif 0 25.00 None.
Paladin Armor
Edron Bog Raider Cave Archivo:.gif
Fireborn Giant Armor Fireborn Giant Armor.gif 15 120.00 sword fighting +2 fire +5%, ice -5% 100 knights Morgaroth, Lord of the Elements.
Magic Plate Armor Magic Plate Armor.gif 17 85.00 knights and paladins Bones, Demon, Ferumbras, Ghazbaran, Orshabaal.
Dragon Scale Mail Dragon Scale Mail.gif 15 114.00 knights and paladins Demodras, Dragon Lord, Frost Dragon, Undead Dragon, Chizzoron the Distorter.
Amazon Armor Amazon Armor.gif 13 45.00 distance fighting +3. 60 paladins Orc Warlord during raid on Thais and Femor Hills
Master Archer's Armor Master Archer's Armor.gif 15 69.00 distance fighting +3 100 paladins None.
Divine Plate Divine Plate.gif 13 75.00 death +10%, holy -10% 75 paladins Ferumbras, Undead Dragon.
Lavos Armor Lavos Armor.gif 13 85.00 fire +3%, ice -3% 60 knights and paladins Annihilon, Fire Overlord.
Elite Draken Mail Elite Draken Mail.gif 15 120.00 speed +10 100 knights and paladins Draken Elite.
Oceanborn Leviathan Armor Oceanborn Leviathan Armor.gif 15 100.00 shielding +1 ice +5%, energy -5% 100 knights Ghazbaran, Lord of the Elements.
Demon Armor Demon Armor.gif 16 80.00 None.
Greenwood Coat Greenwood Coat.gif 12 28.50 earth +12%, fire -12% 75 druids Ferumbras
Windborn Colossus Armor Windborn Colossus Armor.gif 15 120.00 club fighting +2 energy +5%, earth -5% 100 knights None.
Dragon Robe Dragon Robe.gif 12 28.50 fire +12%, ice -12% 75 sorcerers Morgaroth.
Crystalline Armor Crystalline Armor.gif 13 84.50 ice +3%, energy -3% 60 knights and paladins Ghazbaran, Ice Overlord, Sea Serpent, The Leviathan.
Glacier Robe Glacier Robe.gif 11 22.50 ice +8%, energy -8% 50 sorcerers and druids Quara Pincher, Quara Predator, Yakchal
Skullcracker Armor Skullcracker Armor.gif 14 110.00 death +5%, holy -5% 85 knights Annihilon, Grim Reaper, Juggernaut.
Crown Armor Crown Armor.gif 13 99.00 knights and paladins Fury, Hand of Cursed Fate, Hellgorak, Hero, Phantasm, Quara Pincher, Serpent Spawn.
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Zaoan Armor Zaoan Armor.gif 13 95.50 speed +10 50 knights and paladins Lizard Legionnaire, Lizard High Guard, Lizard Zaogun, Lizard Chosen, Battlemaster Zunzu, Draken Warmaster, Draken Abomination, Ghastly Dragon.
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