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This is a page on the NPC Armenius, for the creature with the same name, see Armenius (Creature).

Armenius.gif PNJ Armenius
Ubicación: In a bar in the Trade Quarter (here).
Ocupación: Barkeeper
Notas: He is not very eager to talk with you, just a barkeeper.

<spoiler> Part of the Blood Brothers Quest.
He is Vampire Lord of Vengoth Castle. Sometimes you can meet him in his Castle in natural form (Armenius (Creature)). </spoiler>

Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Bread 4 gp
Cheese 6 gp
Egg 2 gp
Ham 8 gp
Meat 5 gp
Mug of Beer 3 gp
Mug of Rum 10 gp
Mug of Wine 4 gp

Tomato 3 gp
Compra: None.
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