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Also known as: Deathlist Quest
Reward: 50 Platinum Coins
Location: Ankrahmun and Kha'Zeel
Level required: 0
Premium required: yes
Be prepared to face: Nomads, Hyaenas, Scorpions, Rotworms
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Required Equipment


Before starting this quest you will need to attain a Parchment from nomads and talk to Arito before you try to enter the cave.
Note: If you do not do this before attempting to enter, you will be unable to enter and will lose your scimitar and water.


Before you begin this quest, you need to find a Parchment of the nomads' deathlist. This can be very tedious as the drop rate is incredibly low. As an alternative, you can purchase the parchment from other players. Once you have the deathlist, travel to Arito in Ankrahmun and tell him about the list you discovered. He reveals himself to be an ex-nomad and wants you to help him make peace with the nomads. He tells you how to get inside the Nomad Cave:

The entrance is located east of the mountain pass between Darashia and Ankrahmun (here), in a little grotto. There is a crack in the surface. Place a Scimitar on this tile before pouring Water on the tile 2 steps to the right of it. A gate appears.
Note: Once you have entered the gate with one player, the gate will close and you will need a new scimitar to enter with another player. This means that if you are doing this quest in groups, you will need one scimitar for each player.

Nomads' Cave

Aritos Entrance

Archivo:Nomads cave entrace.JPG

Through the gate you will find yourself in a small cave with a teleport. Walk through this and you will be in a much larger cave just below you, full of Nomads and Scorpions. There are also many Rotworms and Carrion Worms further in the cave.

Deep in the cave is the man in charge, Muhad. Tell him about Aritos wish. Muhad will accept the wish, and asks you to help the Nomad tribe with another mission (see Nomads Land Quest). You can leave via the back entrance.

Go back to Arito. He will reward you with 50 Platinum Coins. After completing this quest, you can reenter the nomad cave through the back entrance to hunt nomads. This cave is often empty.

Arito Backway


Arito in Ankrahmun

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Muhad in Nomad Cave

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If you say yes: (For further transcripts, see the Nomads Land Quest)

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Arito in Ankrahmun

Player: Hi.
Arito: Thank god you are back!! Did you find....err...what we were talking about??
Player: Yes.
Arito: And what did they say?? Do I have to give up everything here? Come on tell me!!
Player: You have been acquitted by the nomads.
Arito: These are great news!! Thank you for your help! I don't have much, but without you I wouldn't have anything so please take this as a reward.
Player: Goodbye.
Arito: Do visit us again.

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