Ariella.gif PNJ Ariella
Ubicación: Sabrehaven on Meriana, here
Ocupación: Food Shopkeeper
Notas: Ariella is the bartender of the rebel settlement of Sabrehaven. She thinks Chondur is a strange fellow, but given his profession, he's probably supposed to behave in a strange way. Ariella says Raymond Striker is just the best captain they have and he is very smart.

<spoiler>She is part of the Meriana Quest, Pirate Outfits Quest and What a foolish Quest.</spoiler>

Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Cheese 6 gp
Ham 8 gp
Meat 5 gp
Valentine's Cake 100 gp

Apple 5 gp
Banana 5 gp
Blueberry 1 gp
Mango 10 gp
Melon 10 gp
Orange 10 gp
Pear 5 gp
Pineapple 12 gp
Pumpkin 10 gp
Strawberry 2 gp


Juice Squeezer 100 gp
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