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Old Sprites

These wands/rods were replaced in previous updates. These items no longer exist in-game.

Wands and Rods Replaced in the 8.1 Update

Name Lvl Dmg Type Avg. Dmg Mana per Shot Weight Dropped By
Quagmire Rod Quagmire Rod 26 Poison 45 8 26.50 Bonelord, Elder Bonelord, Lizard Snakecharmer, Acolyte of the Cult, Fury
Tempest Rod Tempest Rod 33 Energy 65 (55-75) 13 21.00 Priestess, Marid, Adept of the Cult, Blightwalker.
Volcanic Rod Volcanic Rod 19 Fire 30 5 29.00 Witch, Fire Devil, Warlock, Rahemos, Diabolic Imp, Morgaroth
Wand of Plague Wand of Plague 19 Poison 30 5 23.00 Orc Shaman

Wands Replaced in the 7.6 Update

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Blue Spell Wand Blue Spell Wand
23 Orc Shaman
Conjurer Wand Conjurer Wand
19.5 Necromancer
Elven Wand Elven Wand
21 None.
Golden Wand Golden Wand
43 Ghost
Green Spell Wand Green Spell Wand
23 Behemoth
Red Spell Wand Red Spell Wand
23 Fire Devil
Ritual Wand Ritual Wand
Unknown Unknown
Wand of Might Wand of Might
29 Warlock, Rahemos (Not longer)
Wooden Wand Wooden Wand
26.5 None.
Yellow Spell Wand Yellow Spell Wand
23 None.
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