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Angus.gif PNJ Angus
Ubicación: Explorer Society in east of Port Hope, here.
Ocupación: Local Representative of the Explorer Society
Notas: The runner of the Explorer Society. Talk to him if you want to start the Explorer Society Quest.
Artículos comercializados: Vende:
Ectoplasm Container 750 gp

Botanist's Container 500 gp
Atlas 150 gp[1]
Orichalcum Pearl 80 gp[2]
Crown Backpack 800 gp[2]

  1. You can only buy this once you have reached the rank of Relic Hunter (or higher) in the Explorer Society Quest
  2. 2,0 2,1 You can buy these only after you have completed the Explorer Society Quest
Old Parchment 500 gp

Hydra Egg 500 gp
Skull of Ratha 250 gp (only once),
Giant Smithhammer 250 gp (only once),

Explorer Brooch 50 gp.
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