Amber PNJ Amber
Ubicación: Rookgaard Academy in the resting room, below ground, (here).
Ocupación: Adventurer
Notas: Amber came to Rookgaard from the Mainland in order to assist less experienced players find their own adventure.

She is one of the few humans who have mastered the Orc Language, and she may be willing to teach you for some of her favorite food. Amber knows the language because she was a prisoner of the orcs for some months.
Amber wrote: Amber's Notebook
She left her raft at the south eastern shore. She also knows how to make a hat addon with the right items.

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She will be very grateful, and give you a Short Sword if you bring back your lost Amber's Notebook (Book). She can teach some orcish words for each salmon which could be found in and near Captain Iglues Treasure Quest room.

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