Alesar.gif PNJ Alesar
Ubicación: Mal'ouquah (Green Djinn Fortress)
Ocupación: Shopkeeper
Notas: Alesar is somewhat special because he is a Blue Djinn who is working for the green djinns in Mal'ouquah. He does not like humans, but will tolerate those who help fight for Malor and the Green Djinn.
He and Yaman deal in strong weapons and armor for the Efreet and Green Djinn army.
Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Ice Rapier 5,000 gp,
Serpent Sword 6,000 gp,

Dark Armor 1,500 gp,

Dark Helmet 1,000 gp,


Ancient Shield 5,000 gp

Bonebreaker 10,000 gp,
Dragon Hammer 2,000 gp,
Dreaded Cleaver 15,000 gp,
Giant Sword 17,000 gp,
Haunted Blade 8,000 gp,
Knight Axe 2,000 gp,
Onyx Flail 22,000 gp,
Ornamented Axe 20,000 gp,
Poison Dagger 50 gp,
Scimitar 150 gp,
Serpent Sword 900 gp,
Skull Staff 6,000 gp
Titan Axe 4,000 gp,

Dark Armor 400 gp,
Knight Armor 5,000 gp,

Dark Helmet 250 gp,
Mystic Turban 150 gp,
Strange Helmet 500 gp,
Warrior Helmet 5,000 gp,

Knight Legs 5,000 gp,

Ancient Shield 900 gp,
Black Shield 800 gp,
Tower Shield 8,000 gp,

Vampire Shield 15,000 gp
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