Al Dee.gif PNJ Al Dee
Ubicación: Rookgaard, here.
Ocupación: Shopkeeper
Notas: He is the only owner of the pick, which is sold exclusively at his shop, for a Small Axe.

He is a hot shot guy who wants to be the only merchant on Rookgaard and is therefore called Mad Al. His signs can be found in many strange and obscure places, advertising his wares. He is one of the allusions in Tibia.
He supplies the city with equipment. Brother of Gree Dee who works in Yalahar also as a Equipment Shopkeeper.
In the Rat cave near Al Dee there is an advertising sign:

"You read: Buy ropes at Al Dee's shop."

Also, near the bridge crossing to the western wilderness area:

"You read: Never enter dungeons without a rope or you may be lost forever.
Al Dee's shop - come to where the ropes are!

Deep in the dungeons of Rookgaard there is a sign that tells:

"Feeling alone in the dark?
Is your torch running out?
Al Dee's shop - come to where the torches are!

Another sign deep in a cave says:

"You read: Feeling lost?
Would you give all your gold for a rope now?
Al Dee's shop - come to where the ropes are!
Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Backpack 10 gp
Bag 4 gp
Fishing Rod 150 gp
Rope 50 gp
Scroll 5 gp
Scythe 12 gp
Shovel 10 gp
Torch 2 gp

Worm 1 gp

Fishing Rod 30 gp
Rope 8 gp

Shovel 2 gp
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