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Ahmet.gif PNJ Ahmet
Ubicación: In Ankrahmun, north of the Depot, up one level, here.
Ocupación: Equipment Shopkeeper
Notas: Sells equipment of all sorts.
Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Bottle 3 gp
Bucket 4 gp
Candelabrum 8 gp
Candlestick 2 gp
Crowbar 260 gp
Cup 2 gp
Deed of Ownership 1,000 gp
Document 12 gp
Fishing Rod 150 gp
Golden Backpack 10 gp
Golden Bag 4 gp
Parchment 8 gp
Pick 50 gp
Plate 6 gp
Present 10 gp
Rope 50 gp
Scroll 5 gp
Scythe 50 gp
Shovel 10 gp
Torch 2 gp
Vial of oil 20 gp
Watch 20 gp
Waterskin of water 40 gp

Worm 1 gp
Rope 8 gp
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After you finish the Steal from Thieves Quest, you can take up a job as his personal security slave... er...officer. He'll talk to you differently after that.

Transcripts: player: job

Ahmet: Are you interested in being my private security slave ...er...officer?

player: yes

Ahmet: Wonderful!! Okay listen, you have to watch my shop while I'm inside. Don't walk away, no eating during work and if you got beaten up, it is your own problem! ...

Ahmet: You will earn 200 gold coins a month BUT only if you fulfil your duties to my satisfaction. Now do your work and let me do mine!

player: hi

Ahmet: You are too late for work you lazybones! If you see something suspicious, tell me right away!

player: suspicious

Ahmet: <Eeek> I think this is the guy who robbed me!!!! WAIT, no...false alarm!

Ahmet: I am starting to believe that YOU are the suspicious one here!

Ahmet: Who? That guy there? No no, I know him. He is fine.

(if you walk away)

Ahmet: Player!!! Where are you heading?? Come back NOW you lazybones!!! You won't get a single gold coin if you leave!

player:I quit

Ahmet: You want to quit?? Alright, I won't hold you up. Have a nice life and visit me from time to time!

(He says that, but keep talking the same way to you.)

player: bye

Ahmet: What do you mean with 'bye'?? You got to stay here dutifully!!